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11 Gifts To Give Family and Friends Serving In The Military

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Serving in the military is a challenging yet fulfilling duty. It’s a great and valiant way of showing your love for your country and your fellowmen. But along with the pride and sense of fulfillment it gives, this job entails a lot of sacrifices, like not spending time with your loved ones and missing out on special occasions. 

The sacrifices their make are often underappreciated. Oftentimes, the struggles they face — within themselves or during their line of duty — are just taken for granted. So if you have a family member or a friend enlisted in the army, showing them your appreciation and gratitude becomes more of a responsibility. And you can do this one by simply giving them military ornaments and gifts. In this article, we’re rounding up 11 possible gift items for them.

Army heart with a dangling dog tag. If there’s one item commonly associated with men in uniform, it’s their dog tags. Express your love for someone who is serving in the military by gifting them with an army heart emblem complete with a dangling dog tag bearing their name.

American flag couple. Is your partner a patriotic soldier? Make sure he or she feels your love even when you’re apart through this simple yet thoughtful military ornament.

American flag family. If it’s a family member who’s enlisted in the military, you can resort to giving an American flag with mini family member-figurines attached. You can also have the members’ names printed on it.

American hero ornament frame picture. Celebrate a person’s heroism by giving a compact picture frame embellished with the nationalistic symbols to further evoke gallantry.

Army tank ornament. Know someone who is in the army? Complement the strength and nationalism they have by giving them a durable and elaborately-designed army tank ornament.

Coast guard ship ornament. If your relative or friend is a member of the coast guard, there’ll be no better military ornament to give than a miniature coast guard ship.

Marine jeep ornament. It’s sturdy-looking. It’s screaming with “military”-ness. A marine jeep ornament is one of the best gift items there is for people who are sacrificing a lot just to serve the country.

Military – We Honor All Who Served. This is a touching tribute to men in uniform who are unwavering in their commitment to serve and protect. This military-inspired gift item is a surefire way to raise the spirits of these often unsung heroes.

Proud to Serve frame. If there’s a list of one of the most fulfilling careers, being in the military and serving the people will most likely secure a high spot. This customized photo frame is a wonderful remembrance of how fulfilling it is to have embarked on this path.

Proud of Our Veterans ornament. Military ornaments are not only for the ones who are currently serving in the military. You can also pay homage to the heroism shown by veterans by giving them gift items like this.

Men in uniform figures. Whether you are in the marines, the navy or the army, military gift shops typically offer figures of men donning military uniforms. You can have this personalized by engraving their names on them.

Make the servicemen in your family or circle of friends special with military ornaments as gifts during special occasions. Check out our inventory at Ornaments With Love.

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