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3 Types of Cakes that will instantly Level-up your Festivities

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Nowadays, cake is an integral part of every celebration that it is almost impossible to imagine a celebration without it. And if, for some reason, a celebration does not have a cake, it feels dull, almost like something is missing but can’t point what. In most cases, that missing thing is the cake. It is more than just a formality to have a cake in a celebration. It is a tradition. However, because a cake is an integral part of every celebration, it does not mean that you have to buy the first cake you see in a bakery. You have to choose carefully. And when you have the right cake, it instantly levels up your festivities. And what are these right cakes which level up the festivities? Here they are:

1. Chocolate Truffle Cake

When it comes to choosing a cake, people have penchant to buy a chocolate; and a chocolate truffle cake specially. This is because chocolate is the most loved flavor globally. It is sweet to an extent that it is close to impossible to say no to it. And when it is blended with a cake to make a chocolate truffle cake, it becomes extremely tempting and irresistible. A chocolate truffle can increase the celebration factor of any festivity manifold.

2. Black Forest Cake

If pure chocolate cake is not something you want to go for, or you think its taste is too strong, then perhaps you should buy a black forest cake. It is a perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla. This is a cake that will definitely be loved by everyone at the celebration because of its sweet and subtle. A black forest cake has right amount of chocolate sprinkled on that gives it the distinctive sweet taste it is known for. The cake is more than perfect for any festival. Furthermore, the fact that it is available as egg less and/or sugar free makes it a cake that you must have in a celebration.

3. Butterscotch Cake

If perhaps chocolate cake is the most popular cake, then butterscotch is the second most popular cake that people prefer. Although, there is no competition and it is difficult to distinguish which is more popular. People buy both the cakes based on their preference. While chocolate cake is known for its strong taste and silky nature of the chocolate, butterscotch cake is an elegant amalgamation of cream and crunch. A butterscotch cake has bits added to it which gives it a rather crunchy texture and makes it a worthwhile. It is one of the popular cakes that people buy for any and all occasions.

In a way it is understandable when you have tough time buying the right cake for a celebration. Obviously, you do not want to make any mistake that will bring a touch of dampness to the party. Therefore, if you choose any of the aforementioned cakes; be it a chocolate truffle cake, black forest cake, or butterscotch cake, you can be sure that it will level up your festivities.