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6 Tips for Planning a Wedding Budget

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The process of planning any wedding party can be overwhelming. Setting up a realistic budget is the key to having the wedding of your dreams without stress. It’s crucial to take this approach if you don’t want to engage in overspending or incur unnecessary debt. Check out some of the best ways to design a realistic wedding budget that will give you peace of mind.  

Use a budget template

Many intending couples have discovered free templates online for creating a wedding budget. Don’t hesitate to delete the parameters that are not applicable to you. For instance, you can skip the section for wedding function rooms and decoration if a loved one will be handling that aspect. In the same vein, don’t forget to add important elements that are missing in the template. You can ask your event planner for valuable suggestions when working on the budget.

Start saving money early enough

Set aside a specific sum of money each month immediately after your engagement. There is no need to wait until the wedding date is fixed before you start saving. This will enable you to reach your savings target on time. It’s never too late to control your day-to-day spending habits.  

Know the type of wedding you want

Anyone can instantly get cool wedding inspirations in magazines and on the internet. Each couple have preferences when it comes to organizing wedding parties. One of the things that can influence this is their budget size. Take note of the wedding season before deciding whether you want an outdoor or indoor party. Discuss the theme, décor, music, and number of guests with your partner and the event planner. The bottom line is to know what matters to you and respect your partner’s point of view.

Make an estimate

Ensure that you research the cost of each item and make a rough estimate. This is the surest way to have an idea of the things to expect. Consider the cost of hiring vendors in your area. Remember to include the prices of party favors, attires, food, drinks and the likes. Add at least 10-15% extra to your budget to cover unplanned expenses and make it flexible.

Create a guest list

Your final guest list will determine the party venue. Try to enter the names of your guests in an Excel spreadsheet and send invites to them as early as possible. It’s not surprising that many couples use the small wedding function rooms wedding ceremony and reception. Ask for recommendations on the best venues so that you can book in advance.

Ask for help

There’s nothing wrong with asking for financial assistance from your family members. The amount that they contribute can go a long way. Avoid setting high expectations to avoid disappointment. Your loved ones will be ready to render help in other areas depending on their skills. Enlisting their help is an effective way to save costs when planning a wedding ceremony.

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