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9 Tips On How To Spot Fake Healing Crystals

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Healing crystals harness the natural and positive energies that surround us and allows us to benefit from it. Each type of crystal offers different qualities that people appreciate, but there are some who find that no matter how many healing crystals they have at home, they don’t seem to work and this leaves the impression that the crystals are fake.

To avoid wasting money on fake crystals, choose a trusted supplier to buy crystal elements online instead. Or better yet, pay attention to these tips on how to spot fake crystals:

1 – Playful Names Are A Bad Sign

Legit sellers will stick to the traditional names such as Amber and Turquoise. The moment crystals are labeled as “cherry-red quartz” or something similar there is a big chance that it is a fake.

2 – Avoid Bright Colors

Although healing crystals come in different colors, they should all look natural. Pieces that are extremely bright to look at are dyed to attract attention.

3 – Inspect The Cracks

It is normal to buy crystal elements online and see cracks all over the crystals. This can be due to natural wear and tear, but when there is a noticeable pool of darker color in the cracks, there is a big chance that they were dyed.

4 – Too Many Identical Crystals Available

Natural healing crystals come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. If a seller has a large stock of identical or similar looking pieces, that is a clear sign of mass-produced fake crystals.

5 – There Is A Lack Of Stone Information

A seller who cannot provide a history of the stone is most likely trying to sell a fake. Once they cannot tell you where the stone came from, there is a big chance that the crystals are not genuine.

6 – Too Cheap To Be True

Don’t trust crystals that are priced too cheap. Keep in mind that healing crystals are precious stones and it is not a good sign if they are sold in bulk and by the pound.

7 – Air Bubbles Should Not Be Present

Take a good look at the crystal to see if there are any air bubbles if there are it is a fake. Air bubbles only form in glass and do not occur in natural and genuine healing crystals.

8 – Perfect Equals Fake

Natural crystals do not look perfectly smooth, they usually have more than a few blemishes. Avoid crystals that are perfect because there are man-made fakes.

9 – Do Your Research

Check out different reviews left by previous customers about the crystal shop. Or better yet, learn more about each specific crystal before making a purchase to lessen the chances of buying a fake piece.

Adding a few authentic and real crystals to your home will make a wonderful difference in your life. Be careful when looking for a healing crystal supplier and learn the tricks of the trade to ensure you don’t end up with fake crystals that do not add any value to your life.

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