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A complete guide to gifts for girls

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Whether it is a birthday, daughter’s day, children’s day or any special event, all girls are delighted by gifts. Women, especially our precious little girls love receiving gifts and a vast majority of parents try to show their love by giving gifts. In fact, receiving gifts at a young age, makes girls happier and helps them realise that they are loved by their parents and family.

 But it is no simple task to find the perfect gift for your baby girl among thousands of options. Well you’re in for a treat because this article will save you the trouble and help you find the right gift to showcase your immense love.

Types of gifts

First, let’s take a broad look at the various types of gifts available in the market.

  1. Clothes and accessories

Girls love clothes, from shiny hats to Pink Princess flower girl dresses, they want it all. If your daughter is a fashionista, likes to pose for pictures and look her best at all times, then Pink Princess flower girl dresses are a great option. Other clothing options include skirts, shorts, dungarees etc.

In terms of accessories sunglasses are the way to go. But you can also go for pretty espadrilles, small heels, sandals, crocs and more. Dainty jewellery or beaded rings are also quite the trend these days.

  1. Toys

From barbie dolls to kitchen sets to scrabble, games are the way to a kid’s heart. Plushies are especially loved by girls who often cuddle and carry them around all the time. If you girl like more active games you can go for cricket, jewellery making boxes and more.

  1. Stationery

Stationery no longer means pen and paper, this industry has changed too much in the recent years. Its new roster includes colourful notebooks, vibrant colour pens and pencils, mini staplers, animal shaped erasers, magnetic pencil boxes, fruit-shaped paper clips, the list goes on and on. For studious or artsy girls, stationery can be a great gift idea.

  1. Chocolates

Sweets are loved by all kids. Candies and gums and sweet toffees are every child’s weakness, so why not give them their favourite food. You can DIY a sweet box with an array of chocolates, sweets and nuts or buy a customisable one readily available in the market.

  1. Cars and scooters

Pretty, pink cars and scooters with reflecting lights were the buzzword for last christmas. Available online and offline, these are perfect for toddlers who are energetic and like a hands-on experience.

How to choose the perfect gift?

By now we know that major types of gifts one can give their girls, the next step is knowing what she likes best. On the basis of your child’s interests you can select gifts like Pink Princess flower girl dresses or sweet treats. If you are still confused, ask for a female opinion, a woman’s touch always comes handy. Lastly, set a budget and choose a gift that is both good in quality and doesn’t break the bank.


Choosing the perfect gift for your daughter can be tricky, after all there are so many options to choose from. Our tip is to know what she likes and get her the same. However, don’t forget as long as the gift is coming from their loved ones, the child is sure to be delighted.