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An author’s 40-year fascination (and theory) about Duluth’s Condon Mansion murders

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Marjorie Congdon Le Roy Caldwell Hagen an author who had written lots of books in her life, there were many up and downs in her life. She faced lots of problems related to his family and her career. She was murdered in the year 1979 around 88 years ago. In the same year she Congdon held a court of her own kind. Many peoples were staying away from the murder case of Marjorie CongdonLeRoy Caldwell Hagen when she died around 88 years ago, all the news reporters made a half moon around her dead body.

There were many bad things she had faced in her life; on 20 July in the year1979, someone tried to kill her mother. When she won the case in the year 1979 which was related to her mother, a reporter asked her that how she had celebrated the legal victory. She answered the reporter very calmly about Congdon family murders, she said that she bought a bag of White Castle hamburgers enjoyed them in a park which is located at the St. Paul.

A story about Marjorie CongdonLeRoy Caldwell Hagen

After some tears, she tried to burn a home with a man and in that case, she jailed for 8 years. Marjorie CongdonLeRoy Caldwell Hagen had done many arsons in her life. she had faced many problems related to the Congdon family murders. In the year 2005 Marjorie CongdonLeRoy Caldwell Hagen was out from the prison and she got a call from her lawyer, he told her that he needs money for some work.

After few years she has written many popular books and earned money to live life. At that time there was a writer who had written a story on Marjorie CongdonLeRoy Caldwell Hagen and book gain a lot of publicity from her city and many parts of the country. The journey of Marjorie CongdonLeRoy Caldwell Hagen was very interesting. For more information, please visit blog : Star Tribune.

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