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Choosing Company Uniform in Sacramento, CA

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If you own a company in Sacramento, uniforms can help define your image and provide a uniform dress code for employees. Some things to consider include the style, functionality and availability of the uniform. Keep reading to find out more about how to select a uniform color, keep the design practical and find a reliable supplier who can give you a fair deal.

Picking a Color that Represents your Business

The colors of your Sacramento uniforms need fit your business. If your logo already has eye-catching colors, make sure your uniforms match or complement it. Whether or not the logo will be on the uniform, it is a great way to build continuity. You can find almost any color imaginable, so don’t be afraid to be creative. Many companies choose red, blue or yellow primary colors because the human eye is naturally drawn to these colors. What about a vibrant purple or a vivid green to set your business apart?

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Clients associate colors to particular companies. Choose something that helps promote your service or branding. For example, if you own a plant that manufactures lawn mowers, the uniform shirts might be green to represent grassy lawns. The color does need to be practical. White might work for a chef’s uniform to show pristine kitchen conditions. However, it is a particularly bad idea for a sanitation worker or mechanic due to the nature of the work.

Be Practical

In Sacramento, uniformsshould be practical. Whether purchasing industrial, restaurant or automotive uniforms, uniforms should be durable, wear well wash after wash and look great. Many jobs require uniforms to protect the employee from dirt or toxic agents. For example, mechanics’ coveralls need to repel oil and gas spills to protect their skin and clothes.

Restaurant jobs require a very durable material that can be easily washed. The uniform for your business is an investment in promoting your organization and keeping employees safer. So, make wise decisions that won’t cost you money down the line.


Choosing from dozens of local and area suppliers is not easy. However, selecting a larger supplier with stores across the country can give you peace of mind that you are working with an experienced supplier who will likely have better resources than smaller companies. Consider a supplier with expertise in your industry. After you find a suitable source for your uniforms, it’s often possible to establish a long-term business relationship that can net you some hefty discounts and special pricing.

A reputable provider will develop a long-term relationship with your company and help you pick the best Sacramento uniforms.

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