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Consumers Prefer to Shop Online

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Do you enjoy shopping? When is the last time you spent money online? Online shopping is the wave of the future and at Fortune you will find that consumers are already buying more online than in stores. Shoppers surf the web looking for deals, fast shipping, and reliable brands. Furthermore, a survey conducted over five years polled more than 5,000 consumers who made at least two purchases online over a three-month period. As the survey concluded, results show that nearly 51% of purchases from this poll were made online in the year 2016. Clearly, the movement for shopping online is already in high demand. Consumers want their goods as fast and convenient as possible. Online shopping offers just the experience that most people prefer.

Obviously, there are more retailers coming online and trying to get a bite of the big pie on the table. Over at Forbes, you will find that consumers prefer online shopping for various reasons. However, according to a survey from Simon-Kutcher& Partners, more than 1,000 shoppers were polled, and most online consumers do not consider lower prices as their main reason for shopping online. Many people are just looking for faster shipping, or noticeable, loyal brand names.

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Whether you are going online to look for personalized bespoke promotional buttons or a fancy t-shirt, many begin their search on Google or Bing. While both are great options for searching, be sure to look through the complete list of links to find what you are shopping for. While glancing over the options, do not forget to read the website reviews and brand reviews of the product you desire. These reviews are important because they offer social proof for whatever you may be considering. Developing a good idea of what you are buying online is crucial to the success of your shopping experience. Consider this, you want a life-sized panda bear stuffed animal and you find just what you are looking for after a brief search on Bing. While one listing offers twenty reviews, two-day shipping, and a lower price; another has hundreds of reviews and is doubly expensive. You decide to go with the cheaper product that has fewer reviews and in a couple of days, you get a small box in the mail. Inside this box, you find a twelve-inch “Life-sized” panda bear stuffed animal. Would you be furious? Of course, because you expected a giant stuffed animal, but you failed to read the social proof offered in the reviews.

Remember, online shopping is the wave of the future, but there are serious considerations that must be taken. Always be sure to check for social proof via reviews on the product and brand. Never fail to read descriptions of the product and continuously compare your options. Shopping online is fast, convenient, and plausible for most consumers, but be informed about how to shop online and where you input your debit or credit information. Do not be the person who expects one thing and gets something totally different.