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Everything You Need To Know About ‘Invisible’ Tape-In Hair Extensions

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An invisible tape in hair extension or commonly known as skin weft extension is made with a broad, long section that is connected to the natural hair in the upper part and is secure in place using glue or tape. This kind of extension naturally blends the hair, and in most situation, you’ll never know the difference between the real thing.

If you take a glance at a traditional tape extension, you’ll observe a region across the upper part that is shiny and has a thin plastic look to it. This is the glue that holds it all together. But in a skin wefts, you’ll notice that there isn’t any shiny panel across the top, instead, human hairs are running all the way to the top and then sewn through a hidden spot, and this difference is where the magic lies. Now let’s go through some important things you have to know About ‘Invisible’ Tape-In Hair Extensions:

Does it suit any Hair type?

Yes, it does, even if you want a pixie cut or a short bob, you can use hair extensions of this kind to make your hair look fuller and create a younger looking image. Try to consulting your stylist, and they can give you an ideal and responsible thoughts of how many pieces do you need for your desired look and where to strategically place the extensions for a natural looking finish that won’t harm your crowning glory.

What are the Pros?

An Invisible Tape hair extension appears amazingly natural and takes lesser time to attach than single micro rings. The skin weft extension process is very safe and simple, the stylist just has to take a portion of your own hair, then place it between the two ‘tape’ pieces and secure it with a use of a clamp, no more heat, adhesive or rings needed.


How about Cons?

Of course, there’s always something to consider in any hair extension type you will choose. For tape in hair extensions, it can only last 5-10 weeks and there’s a maximum limit of 20inches with the length which is still gorgeously long. However, if you are aiming for a Kim Kardashian mermaid hair, you might not be thrilled with this type of extension.

Colour Matching and Availability

You should not have any worries if you are thinking about the colors available as the Invisible Tapes are up for grabs in 35 set shades. You’ll have more choices rather than having the extension dyed to mirror the color of your natural locks. Your stylist will mix and match the nearest shade to the last 5 inches of your natural hair and create the most flattering look ever.

How about comfort?

This type of extension consists of individual pieces that contain more hair than micro rings which makes them a bit heavier, however, you will only need less of them compared to other types of extensions so it balances and the weight shouldn’t be an issue. Another wonderful thing about the tape in extension is they don’t give you that annoying and painful feeling of hair pulling – the extension grows out with your natural hair and do not tug or pull. Clip in extensions are actually heavier and leaves an uneasy feeling when worn and could cause bald spots if worn daily.

Is it Expensive?

A natural and most common question in buying hair extension is How much do they cost? Is it affordable? This actually relies on how many pieces you have fitted. Prices could range from 300$ to 1000$, but the results are definitely worth it. This piece is perfect for those who are dealing with hair thinning, bald spots, and trichotillomania patients.

Did You Know?

Tape in extensions are reusable for up to a year, and they are considered to be functional in 4-5 applications. Being able to recycle your precious hair extensions provides such benefit, especially if the hair extensions have been customized with a cut or color, the value

How to do it is pretty simple, soon after you remove the tape, you just have to wash your weft and dry it then add a new tape and attach again the extension. That is why getting high-quality tape extensions critical if you want a good hair and tape to last through the year, or else you will be removing your new tape extensions within a matter of 4 weeks.

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