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Guide To Follow When Purchasing Forever One Moissanite

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Whenever you talk about engagement rings, the first name you remember is diamond. However, this perception has taken a backstage recently and it is the turn of moissanite to get fame and popularity. Moissanite is one of the best alternatives of diamond for the budget-conscious customer. However, the low cost of moissanite does not on any way steal the beauty and personality of your engagement ring. All you need is to consider a few factors before selecting the best piece. From the cut you want to the design you prefer, the same things you analyze while buying a diamond ring also applies to moissanite. Whether it is the historical significance of moissanite or its features it is worth paying money for buying moissanite rings.

Features of moissanite

While weighing moissanite on Moh’s scale, you can quickly notice the hardness of 9.25 whereas the rating of diamond is ten. Therefore, it is clear that there is no marked difference between the hardness of the gemstones. Whether it is an engagement ring or a wedding ring, you can settle for Forever One Moissanite ring and grace the occasion. While diamond is colorless with no traces of other shades, moissanite emits hues of grey and yellow. However, the color is more prominent in the larger gemstones. Today, the popularity of moissanite is surging due to the price.

Reflection of light

The potential of reflecting light is one of the factors that influence the decision of buyers. Although moissanite and diamond reflect light differently, you need to judge the difference before ordering the ring. What comes down to the decision of the buyers is the price of the gemstone. Moissanite is not only highly brilliant but it is environment-friendly.  Today, you can get green moissanite stones manufactured in the labs. What makes people choose moissanite is paying a fraction of the cost of diamond. If yo8u are ready for engagement, you can get a moissanite ring today.