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How to take care of curly hair?

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A lot of people around the world adore curly hair but few people know how hard it is to keep them under control. Due to its structure, specifically, cuticle flakes that are loose and uneven to each other, curly hair is drier than a straight one, it absorbs moisture worse and tends to break and fluff. Therefore, caring for them is first and foremost sufficient hydration.

What is your hair type?


Before proceeding with the selection of hair care products for curly hair it is necessary to understand the terminology. American and European brands use the curl classification system proposed by stylist Andre Walker. The system focuses on 4 main types of the hair structure. Let’s take a look.


Type 1 Straight Hair (Fine & Fragile to Coarse & Thin) which do not form a wave, with wavy styling they quickly return to their original shape. 


Type 2 Wavy Hair (Fine & Thin to Coarse & Frizzy) which form an S-shaped wave of different severity.


Type 3 Curly Hair (Loose Curls & Corkscrew Curls ). Fairly dense hair with pronounced curls. The difference between the straightened and natural state of the curl is 12–20 cm.


Type 4 Kinky Hair (Tight coils to Z-Angled Coil). Small curls are difficult to manipulate, look very voluminous and thick, although they are quite thin and brittle. The difference between the straightened and natural state of the curl on long hair is 22-30 cm.

General hair care advice for all curls


Do not blow-dry your hair until it dries completely: it is easy to spoil a natural wave by simply making your hair fluffy. It is better when the hair dries naturally or use a hairdryer with the function of cold air. `speaking about haircuts,  that ones which do not have clear lines and transitions, otherwise the hair will have to be artificially straightened all the time. Hairdressers usually advise sleeping on a silk pillowcase: it protects hair from unnecessary friction, does not allow them to excessively fluff. It is better to comb curly hair wet.


You can discipline curls using styling products – oils or sprays. Pay attention to the tips: they are very fragile in these types of hair, moisturizers must be applied to them on a daily basis. 

Drying with cold air with a diffuser is the best option for this type, but only after maximum drying with a towel. If you dry your wet hair with a hairdryer, the curls will lose their beautiful shape. 


Furthermore, keep in mind that the shorter the hairstyle, the more chaotic the curls. The most comfortable haircuts are when the length of the hair reaches the shoulders and below.

Hair care according to your curls type


When you already know the type of your hair for sure, it is time to start choosing the treatment and hair care products for curly hair.


If you associated yourself with the second or third type of hair the main task while washing hair is to make them voluminous and remove the fluffiness. You need to use shampoos, conditioners and masks with a moisturizing effect, but not heavy: fruit, vegetable, herbal extracts in the composition are suitable. Include in your hair treatment deep moisturizing products several times a week. 


For the Kinky hair owners, the advice is not to wash hair too often, shampoos should be as soft as possible. Arrange days without shampoo: apply conditioner to damp hair and rinse. This will provide the necessary hydration and gently cleanse the hair.


Regardless of the hair type you have, don’t forget about high-quality treatment with ingredients of natural origin. It has a preventive effect on the skin and at the same time will perfectly fit your everyday beauty routine. 


We wish you to be healthy and beautiful!

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