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Key tips to buy a good diamond

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Choosing a stone for eternity is a complex mission, but not impossible. These are some of the most practical tips for not failing in the election.

The pear cut diamond has been the most popular, but the arrival of more extravagant shapes like the princess, marquis or marquise or the cushion has changed this trend. The shape is a very vital feature when selecting a diamond. Below are some popular shapes of diamond:

  • Round

The most prestigious diamonds are related to cutting techniques and the discovery of new factors related to symmetry and proportions that maximize brightness and luminosity.

  • Princess

The princess cut is the most popular after the brilliant round. Its brightness is impressive, and its shape is between square and rectangular.

  • Emerald

The emerald cut is traditionally rectangular; this is the original shape of the pear cut diamond. It does not shine like the other stones, but its classic and vintage style is recognized throughout the world of jewellery.

  • Asscher

The Asscher cut diamond has a shape similar to emerald, but in square shape. This jewel reflects the light better, improving the brilliance of the diamond thanks to its proportions. The presence of colouring on the sides is identical to that of princess cut diamonds, grade H is a perfect colour.

  • Oval

This cut, similar to the round, has a large surface and almost does not cover impurities, but its extreme brightness is its strong point. This diamond form is very trendy for its ideal regularity and elegance.

  • Marquise or Marquise

The design of the cut is related to the shape of the lips of the Marquesa de Pompadour. It is a variant of the round diamond, often with side stones, which create the illusion of a larger diamond.

  • Radiant

The radiant form has an exquisite rectangular shape, in which the surface reveals the impurities of the stone. This diamond shape intensifies and enhances the colours.

  • Heart

This type of cut is similar to that of a modified round brilliant and is the representation of love and romance. It is a jewel very used in the world of jewellery for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or birthday gifts.

  • Pear

This style, which imitates perfectly a small drop of water, is classic and elegant. This variant of the round diamond is exceptionally bright.

  • Cushion or Cushion

The cushion-shaped diamond has an elegant and real look. Its shape varies from rounded squares to rectangular elongated, with classic and romantic appearance, is one of the most characteristic models.

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