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Know the basics about the laundry and save money

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If you know ‘how to use your washing machine properly,’ no doubt you can save a lot of the electricity bill. Other than that, your fabrics will also be protected and it will even increase the lifespan of your clothes. There are certain basics about what you should know about laundry.

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Things you need to know about your washer

  • Cycle length– Usually, we all are habitual of just throwing all the clothes in the regular cycle, but the thing is, this process can inordinate the wear and tear onto the clothing. The speed of the cycle manages the speed in which the clothes spun in the machine. It is recommended that you use a slower speed for delicate clothing and a higher speed for the robust fabric.
  • Water temperature -Nowadays, most of the detergents are made to work efficiently in the cold water. Thus, you should use cold water because not only it saves energy but it also prevents fading of your clothes. If your clothes are too dirty, you can choose to use hot water for some extra cleaning boost but cold water will be just fine.
  • Cycle length– This is the time duration for which your clothes will be in the machine. It is recommended that you should always choose the short cycle phase and ensure that the short cycle is for the softer fabrics.

Things you need to know about the dryer

  • Permanent Press– People usually skip this option because they are not sure about what it does. This is a setting which you should use quite often. It provides medium heat to your clothes, avoiding the wrinkles.
  • Delicate cycle -The delicate cycle is definitely for the delicate pieces of clothes. That means linens, wools, spandex and innerwear.It is a low heat setting and therefore, it reduces chances of shrinking.

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