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The Real pearl necklace will be more beautiful, but it is rare to find

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The ladies always like to wear jewels like rings, earrings, bracelets at their family occasions or their office party but no one knows that the women’s have ultimate craze towards to wearing necklaces. A women’s jewel collection will be incomplete without the necklace item, and in the wedding jewel box, the necklaces play a prominent role because it is the second attracting jewel of the bride after her wedding ring. The necklaces are the best outfit jewel accessory to be worn in the neck part of the body, and the necklaces are available in gold, diamond which is affordable to buy. The platinum necklaces are little expensive, so one has to spend a considerable amount of his annual income to buy a single piece of it for presenting it to his female partner. But only a few know the pearl necklaces have a reasonable price in the market whether it is in the traditional land jewelry shop or at the online jewel store. The pearl necklaces have outstanding demand among the people because it is available in different types like the white pearl necklace and black pearl necklace etc. The peoples will spend extended time in selecting the highly designed pearl necklaces, but they will not have sufficient knowledge to find the pearls in the necklaces are real or the fake ones.  

Things to know about finding the pearls in the necklace are real or not in the primary ways  

The essential thing in finding the pearl is original or artificial is by observing it because every pearl in the necklace will be undoubtedly varied of size, shape, and color from each other’s since it is natural ones but in the imitated ones will have the same shape and exact size. The next tip is the real pearls are cold so if you, place those in your hand you can feel the cold sense but the artificial pearls will be warm, and if you put them in your hand it will start roll and slide in your hand continuously. The third way to find whether the pearls in the necklace is real or not is rubbing the two pearls, and if you start to rub two real pearls against each other means it will begin to produce powder but if you rub two fake pearls means it will slip from one another because of the smooth surface which is coated with the glass wax. The weight of the pearls will show whether they are real or not because of the fake pearl usually weigh heavier than the real ones and sometimes the counterfeit pearls will be having half the weight of the real pearls weight because it is made up of plastic beads.

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Things to know about finding the pearls in the necklace are real or not in the advanced ways

The advanced level of checking whether the pearls in the necklace are real or fake is carried out by its sound emitting and if you shake and disturb the real pearls string means it will produce soft noise but the fake ones will produce thin noise and it will be irritated to hear. If you bite the pearls in the mouth you can feel the sea sand smell and grainy surface but if you bite the fake ones means it will slip from your mouth and after biting it you can see teeth impressions on it which you cannot find in the real ones.  The next advanced level is observing the outer surface of the pearls and if you see the surface of the real pearls through the magnifying lens means you can see the natural dust particles in the outer layer of it but by any chance if you see the perfect surface in the pearl-like an eggshell means it is undoubtedly the imitated ones. The drill holes of the real pearl will be small and will be clean at its holes edges but in the fake ones the holes surrounding will be rough and you can see the partial crack scars in it.

Common ways of finding the pearls in the necklace are real or fake

If you scratch the real pearls outer surface using the sharp knives means you can see the powder felling down but if you scratch the counterfeit pearls means the outer coating will come off and you can directly see the glass bead surface. If you burn the real pearls using the cigarette lighter means you can witness the shining capacity of the real ones will not fade away soon and while heating it will not produce any lousy smell but if you burn the fake ones means it will provide bad odor and its shining capability will fade soon. The next standard way is bouncing test and if you drop a handful of real pearls from the certain height means its rebounded height will be half the equal to its original height dropped level, but the fake ones will not be rebound even twenty percent of its original height dropped level.  If you put the real pearls in the strong acetone solution means its glowing level will be the same and if you put the real pearls in the hydrochloric acid means it will get dissolved, but the fake pearls will not show any reactions towards HCL and its glowing level will be immensely reduced when it is placed in the acetone acid because it will start losing its essential cluster formation.

The other ways of finding the pearls in the necklace are real or fake   

The real pearls will be semi-transparent unlike the fake ones which show full transparency and to find the pearl is real or counterfeit means you must undergo destructive procedures like cutting it equally into two parts to see its core nature and if it is made up of glass means undoubtedly it will be the imitated ones. You can also do an x-ray on pearls for identifying it real or fake, and this is a typical test, and the result of the x-ray will be based on the thickness of the nacre and bead nucleation. The reason why the most of the pearl cannot get detected as fake ones even it is made up of plastic or glass means because it will be coated using the mother pearls to retain the glowing surface of nature.  While buying the real pearl necklace in the jewel shops must ask the manufacturing paper works because there you can witness the information about the origin and quality of the pearl and its types for self-verifying that you bought the real ones only at which is worth for your amount paid for it.