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Thierry Mugler Angel Fragrance

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Thierry Mugler Angel Fragrance / Fragrances for women

Angel aroma by Thierry Mugler has been draping women in a world of possibilities since 1992. It’s combination of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli scents  uniquely blended with natural peach and melon aromas; it gives you daytime, work and play in just one bottle.

Every scent is picked with love, the Australian sandalwood is douched with dewberry and the oriental spice has mouth-watering debauched caramel and chocolate undertones making the aroma as flavoursome, sweet and vivacious as the lady who wears it.

French fashion pioneer, Thierry Muglar, was inspired to create Angel fragrance from his world travel, picking the most beautiful smells he found across the world which were constantly anchored by his intense sweet tooth.

The fragrance is bottled in a blue star with a dazzling delicate silver top, symbolising our tiny human dent in a large world of enveloping beauty. is a long standing economic supplier of world famous perfumes. We currently stock Thierry Mugler Angel perfume at an incredibly competitive price meaning you can acquire luxury with zero guilt attached.

We are proud and excited to offer Thierry Mugler’s Angel and are even more pleased we can offer this fragrance to our customers at such a low cost. Simply head to our website, make your perfume order in just minutes and we handle everything else to make sure you experience a seamless and efficient sales process. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, so if at any point during your order you wish to speak to us, we have a host of advisors ready to serve you.

Feel free to browse through our online shop All aromas are hand selected for their quality, popularity and overall beauty. We have no doubt that you will love our selections of world famous and unique scents, all made with love, passion and dedication to perfume.

We have a special relationships with suppliers allowing us to have numerous aromas for sale. If you can’t find a specific scent you have in mind, reach out to us to see if we can personally help you as, more often than not, we can track exclusive or suspended scents for our clients.

For your benefit, we offer three approaches to submit your request of Thierry Mugler Angel: on the web, via mail, or by telephone. Our group is accessible from _ a.m. to _ p.m., so call us at ________ if you have any inquiries or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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