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Summer is always a great time to spend with the family. Whether it is a trip to the beach or some relaxing time at home, parents everywhere think of what to dress their baby in. Sometimes the heat wave can be too much to handle and it is important to keep your baby comfortable. Dressing your baby girl especially in the summer is more than looking for cute dresses for girls. Therefore, take a look at the following tips for stylish, hassle-free summer.

Tip 1: Keep your baby comfortable

Choose outfits that she can stay in for hours without having to change. Your baby girl should be able to have fun in the sun all day long (or however much you have planned). However, do not compromise style for comfort. You can achieve both by choosing certain pieces from her wardrobe that show that you actually put some effort into dressing her.

 Tip 2: Do not be afraid to accessorize

Baby girls love to feel cute all the time so do not forget to through in a cute headband or two from time to time. Her favorite toys or stuffed animals can also work as accessories so you can choose to work around such elements. You can also add “grown-up” pieces such as belts to her little ensemble every chance you get.

Tip 3: Use your own style tips

Do not be afraid to dress your little girl like the mini version of yourself. If you would not match that kind of top and sweater then don’t do it for your baby. A little coordination will prove to be stylish and adorable for both you and your baby.

Tip 4: Natural fibers are the best

The best way to dress your baby girl comfortable is to use cotton and other natural fibers. Keep this in mind when shopping for cute dresses for girls.  Cotton, linen etc are very comfortable because they allow air to pass through, keeping your baby cool all through the summer. Also, they are less irritating in the heat wave. Try this if comfort is your first priority.

Tip 5: Be creative

Finally, get out of your comfort zone and explore new things. Whether it is buying from a new store, visiting the boys’ section or even DIY, do it. Mix and match from time to time and apply your creativity in every aspect of styling your baby. You will find it very easy to dress your little girl with a little inspiration from her of course.