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Unique Services and Benefits of

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Planet Express

Shopping is the most common thing in our daily life, we shop once in a day whether it’s grocery item, clothes, general items or anything else. Nowadays the easiest and simplest method to shop any item is online shopping. You don’t need to go market, mall or shop to purchase any item online shopping website helps to buy anything, anytime and anywhere. Most of the merchants deliver your item to shipping address but sometimes they can’t because of location issues. At that time you can contact shipping service company.

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Instead of choosing any other shipping company, read unique services and benefits of planet express:

  1. Online as well as Offline Service:

You can easily sign up on their official website i.e. to shop, calculate delivery charges, and several other online services you can use. There offline services as good as their online services.

  1. Savings on Shipping Charges :

You can save up to 80% shipping charges by using planet express shipping service because this firm takes exact calculated charges including all services and taxes.

  1. Photos and Labels of Packaging item:

Their service provider sends you the photos, label and all other information timely at your mailing address and planet express account.

  1. Securely packed:

Items from any merchants in the US will deliver to planet express headquarter and experts of packaging team will pack your item securely for the safety of the item.

  1. No Hidden Charges:

You can calculate the exact amount of shipping charges at their website  and pay the exact amount. You can check other charges too. They won’t take any hidden or extra charges for their service.

  1. Customer Support:

Their customer services are friendly in nature, you can call or contact them by calling on +1 424 329 3470, email them at or their official website Their customer service executive answers your all query till your satisfaction.

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