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What It Takes to Run a Successful Indoor Ice Skating Rink

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For as long as anyone can remember, ice skating in any category has been a huge draw at the Winter Olympics. From skating solo to figure skating, there is nothing like sitting back to enjoy the grace, skill,and athleticism of skaters from around the world. If you are starting an ice skating rink in your area, here is some of what it takes to be a success.

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1. Ice Maintenance

Before anything else, the ice must be kept in perfect condition. Large gashes and cracks should be dealt with immediately and the pipes under the floor must be in good repair so as to keep the ‘ice’ at ideal temperatures. One mishap on the floor can create problems for other skaters, so make sure to have maintenance teams on site at all times the rink is open.

2. High-Quality Rental Skates

How can you operate an ice skating rink without ice skate rentals? Well, many managers aren’t willing to invest in high-quality skates and this can be a major detraction. Anyone who knows anything at all about skating knows that without safe and well-fitting skates, there is no enjoyment in the sport.

3. Open and Closed Sessions

Don’t forget to leave scheduled times for closed skating sessions. These may be times when an instructor is available to work with groups and it could be a time when local residents can book skating parties on ice instead of at the roller rink. The more services you can offer above and beyond open rink skating, the greater your chances will be of pulling in a hefty little profit.

4. Renowned Skating Instructors

Quite often you will find former Olympians or World Champions working as skating instructors around the country. While these professionals are still young enough to participate in the sport, they are a bit too old to be in the Ice Capades or competing for world championships.

5. High-Quality Sound System

There is nothing worse than getting out on the ice to the horrific sound of a cheap stereo system. Think back to the last figure skating show or championship you watched and you will remember that the quality of the sound affected how you viewed the skaters out on the ice. Much of what skaters do is reliant on enchanting melodies or strong, rhythmic beats and so a high-quality sound system is of vital importance. Besides, what better way to have fun is there than to dance your way across the ice?

6. That Snack Area Is a MUST

Any athlete can work up quite an appetite and so to it is with skaters. Not only will a snack bar give them some energy to get back out on the ice but you can realize a nice profit by offering better-than-average refreshments and beverages.

While this isn’t all of what you will need to operate a skating rink in your area, these six factors will have your patrons coming back week after week. Don’t forget, if you really want to make a go of it, hire the best instructor you can afford. It is often their name that attracts new skaters and that is just what you are looking for when you want to turn a profit.

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