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Wool Sees a Resurgence in International Fashion Markets

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Over the years, the Australian wool industry had experienced dips and peaks. But recent developments show a surge in interest for the material in the international fashion industry. Earlier this year, experts reported strong prices for wool buoyed by the demand by the fashion industry, which also produced trickle-down benefits to local farmers.

For years, the material has been used to create anything from haute couture to practical clothing. Now, up and coming designers are using the material to create clothes with a more current design aesthetic. Current trends also show a demand for the material in expanding markets such as China and India.

Reliable but Fashion Forward

Wool is shorn from specific breeds of sheep. Once collected, the raw material is then spun into yarn and then processed into fabric. From the processing pipeline, the wool is then used to create garments for men and women.

Merino wool has cornered a huge market demand. The material is derived from the merino sheep, which was initially raised in Spain before the breed became a staple in other locations. Now, it is widely raised in Australia and New Zealand for wool production. The breed is highly prized for producing wool that can be turned into a lightweight but strong fabric.

Merino wool men’s clothing is comfortable in winter, fall, and summer. Depending on the fabric weight, the material can be used for a variety of men’s wear essentials. It can be turned into sweaters, jackets, blazers, and a variety of active outdoor apparel.

Quality Raw Material

Clothing made from merino wool can keep the wearer warm or cool. It also has odor blocking, moisture absorption, and bacterial resistant properties. This makes it an ideal clothing material for those with an active lifestyle. It can keep the individual cool and odor free even after an intense physical activity.

Wool has been known as a staple organic material that can keep the body warm during the winter season or in cooler climates. Merino wool, in particular, has a versatile quality to it. The material can be used for clothing across all seasons. This insulating property meant it can be worn in cold or warm weather, and in cooler, temperate or even tropical environments.

An Evolving Industry

Wool has fire-retardant properties which means that unlike synthetic materials, it does not burn easily. Those with certain types of allergies can also wear clothing made of organic wool. The material’s hypoallergenic properties make it the perfect fabric for beddings and comforters, not just clothes.

The wool industry continues to evolve to support emerging markets. Experts in wool processing are now sourcing wool from eco-friendly farms. They are also finding ways to strengthen the wool’s natural properties by combining with other eco materials.

The fashion industry is always looking for the next big thing. But reliable and functional materials and iconic designs last through the fickleness of fleeting trends. As a versatile and functional material, wool has withstood these fashion ups and downs.

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