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Know a little about the lady hunter: Laura Schara

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Laura Schara who was the daughter of a consummate outdoorsman, Ron Schara loves to travel around. She used to enjoy adventures from small age as her father made her learn fishing from a young age. She and her sister used to listen to the talks of her father which contained a lot of knowledge about living a better and contented life. He is the one who motivated her to spend time in the outdoors as she says herself. Her mother used to cook great wild food and she grew up eating that food. She also loved to cook food in the kitchen in different ways.

Although, they had a family business she didn’t work for her family business but she went in the fashion producing shows. Even after going into the sparkling world of fashion, she was attracted by nature. She is regular on the Fox Sports North and Outdoor Channels. Laura Schara is known for her famous blog named Wildly Living and you can read it on the internet. She also used to go on hunting and it was not just a sport for her but she loved to do this.

Although, she thinks it is not easy to kill an animal for feeding yourself but it is called the circle of life. She enjoys hunting as it requires one to walk through the forests and sitting still at a place for minutes. She doesn’t put much pressure on her because she doesn’t feel bad if she sees a bird fly off. She also enjoys that moment when the bird flies off in the sky saving itself from getting hunted. She says it is quite intimidating to pull the trigger and that’s why she chose the life of hunting and wondering in the forests hunting animals with full enjoyment.