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How to Dress Perfectly For Work

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Do you know that clothing is the first thing, which people notice about a woman? As they say, first impression is the last impression and it applies equally on men and women. When you see a man, you can easily point out whether he is wearing a professional uniform or not. It is comparatively easier to find out a formal dress in men. On the other hand, the same thing is a little complex. By applying simple things, women can easily enhance their looks and it goes beyond looking attractive. It not only makes them sexy and desirable, but it also makes them a fashion icon for many.

Women dress

If you look back into grandmother’s generation, then you will find that there were stringent rules to follow for a woman. They have to wear according to those customs. Another thing was that in our grandmother’s time women were not working outside the home. This is the reason they were not facing the issues of how to dress perfectly in the workplace. I can bet that my grandmother never faced the problems of selecting the clothes and she never wore a sleeveless shirt without a cardigan or jacket. There were unwritten rules like how much cleavage you can show and what is the ideal length of a skirt?

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Present trend

Nowadays, women have to strive hard in order to look attractive and create a good impression. The beauty of the dressing is that women should not look provocative because it will transmit the wrong signal. A working woman is supposed to get noticed because her looks will also communicate. Good clothes from onlywardrobe.comwill contribute in her personality and it will enhance her confidence level.

Skirt and dress length

The style rule is to wear a skirt, which is proportional to your height and goes in accordance with the situation. A professional woman will always wear a skirt just above her knees. This will save her from the inconvenient situation while sitting. A maxi skirt looks good when you wear it with a perfect fit top and a belt. You can also wear a short jacket along with it, you’re your clothes from

Amount of skin showing

If you will show more of your skin, then you will make less influence. If you want to earn respect among your co-workers, then show one third only.

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