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How to Take Care of Cotton Fabrics

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Cotton fabrics offer comfort and they are a popular choice during the summer in different parts of the world. They are regarded asanorganic fabric that can be easily maintained. Clothes that are made from them tend to be durable and retain their looks if they are properly managed. There isn’t a one size fit all guide for maintaining different types of cotton fabrics like flannel, corduroy and denim. It’s crucial to read the care label that comes with each cloth in order to be on the safer side. Check out the various ways that you can maintain these fabrics generally.


Washing cotton materials in cold water helps to prevent discoloration. It’s advisable to use detergent in moderation as too much of it can make clothes to wear and tear easily. Endeavor to turn your clothes inside out before you start the washing process. It goes without saying that washing clothes as soon as they are dirty will help them to last longer.

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Treating Stains

Stains that are caused by food products, drinks, paints or other liquids can appear unsightly. The best thing is to use a stain remover and be particular about the neckline, armpits and any area with stubborn stains. It is also a good way to eliminate body odors from clothes. When shopping for stain removers, opt for the ones that aretagged ‘color safe.’Other things that can be used for treating stains include alcohol, lemon juice, egg yolk, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.


Cotton fabrics are prone to stretching and shrinkage, even if you’re washing them for the first time. One sure way to handle this is to stretch the cloth gently after washing so that it will go back to its original size when it gets dry. Don’t wait until your clothes are totally dry before removing them from the washing machine.


Due to the fact that most cotton fabrics crease easily, ironing is usually necessary. Try to iron the fabric thoroughly in order to achieve a neat look. However, certain varieties of cotton such as seersucker do not need ironing like the rest. Another way to keep creases in check is to hang your clothes with sturdy hangers. The good thing is that some fabric manufacturers often apply a wrinkle resistant finish to their products. Once you confirm that this is available, you may decide to skip the ironing process altogether.


It’s quite common for many people to store their cotton materials separately so as to give enough room for the right clothes during each season. This practice is usually common in winter. Your cotton fabrics will still smell good and remain fresh when summer rolls in as long as they are well stored. Ensure that you protect your clothes from silverfish and moths by regular cleaning and using moth repellants. These pests are usually attracted to clothes that have absorbed secreted oils and sweat from the skin. More so, dispose old clothes to free up more space in your wardrobe.

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