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The humble Engraved Hip Flasks

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The humble Hip Flask has its origins in the 18th century. In the early days it was used by the noble classes, supposedly as they were the only ones to be able to afford alcohol in those hard times.

Years after, it was said that a man’s best friend on a long journey was the humble Hip Flask (rather more what blend of drink it contained!).

As time has gone on, and with alcohol being mass produced in easier carrying bottles and cans, the humble Hip flask has lost its appeal.

Over recent years the Hip Flask might have been associated with being carried by a drunk, and on television it is always associated with the drunk bloke jokes, such as the bloke drinking on the quiet at a funeral or somewhere it is illegal to drink!

But like everything in life, the humble Flask has made a return. It is widely given as a present now in the gift industry.

Amongst the most popular presents to give to a Groom or a best man at a wedding is the re-invented Hip Flask.

When someone is looking for a gift for a friend or even something for a grand dad, the Hip Flask steps into the lime light.

In this day and age, go into any gift shop and there sits the cool Hip Flask, available in all sorts of designs, from the outright quirky design to the expensive leather covering Hip Flask.

And to top it off, you can now even buy Engraved Hip Flasks, that’s right, not just a Hip Flask but a unique Hip Flask designed by you. Why settle just for a plain Hip Flask, when you can now have a special message engraved on the side.

Whenever you are short of ideas on what to buy for him, remember you always have the Personalised Hip Flask which will always be received warmly.

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