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How to look stylish – key tips to consider

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Everyone wants to look good for themselves as well as for others. You might have observed that people also judge you by your appearance. Hence, you must try to look your best all the time you can. When you go well dressed in front of somebody then the impact is different that you create by the appearance that you hold. Mentioned below are 9 Essential Style Tips For Guys that you can apply on yourself to have better looks:

  • Consider your lifestyle: Before taking out the cloths from your closet first think what type of life you are living, you must select the combination accordingly. If you are a college boy then casual shirt and jeans is perfect.
  • Arrange your wardrobe: If you are having a lot of dresses then you must get them arranged according to the type and style of clothes so that you can easily select the clothing according to your needs.

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  • Wear perfect size: You should wear any cloth according to your size. Don’t wear anything that is very tight or too much loose as people will take you as a dumb person.
  • Avoid trending cloths: The trendy clothes such as printed T-shirts with loud patterns or prints will only fill your wardrobe as you don’t want to wear them after some time. Only keep evergreen clothes in your closet.
  • Carry good wallet: Not only the clothes reflect your style but also little things give idea for your style. A nice wallet is the best way for symbolizing your style.
  • Wear classy shoes: Your style also depends upon the footwear you are wearing. There are some expensive shoes available online which look nice and are comfortable also.
  • Match accessories: The accessories that you wear also matter a lot for the style you want to have. Watches are common and add to your personality. You can try chains or bracelets in other hand.
  • Leather accessories: The belt or leather shoes that you are wearing must be in the combination with the clothes that you are wearing, don’t wear leather shoes under casuals.
  • Wear perfume: You must select the perfume according to your standards. You must buy one with the help of to get good disocunt.