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Is Modest Fashion the Next Big Thing?

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If you look in the fashion stores at the moment, you may notice a similar pattern in modest fashion. The current trend appears to be dresses with higher necklines, longer sleeves, and even longer cuts to the knee or below. Even shirts have higher necklines. Is it possible that modest dresses, tops, and other items are becoming the next big thing?

A Focus on the Conservative Look

Dresses with longer hems and tops with higher cut necklines are certainly growing in popularity. They offer a more conservative look that just a few years ago were considered boring and “less cool.” Showing off the waistline, the legs, and the chest was considered the “cool” thing to do, especially for teenagers. TV shows and movies include it as a growing contention between parents and their daughters.

The modest fashion trend is moving towards coating the body with clothes, but in a beautiful way. The clothing is suitable for the office or workplace, but looks cute and fashionable at the same time.

There is also a focus on clothing suitable for religious needs. The UK’s Muslim population is growing, meaning more Muslim women clothing are in demand like dresses, shirts, and tops that cover every inch of their skin.

Then there’s the call from women who are plus size. They want to look good and often prefer cute maxi dresses for dinner dates and beautiful modest tops to feel like they fit in with the majority. More stores and brands are becoming inclusive.

London Modest Fashion Week

Where has the move come from? It’s something being pushed by social media and non-traditional channels. London hosted its first Modern Fashion Week, showcasing items that included maxi dresses and skirts, hijabs, and more.

More online stores are also gaining momentum. ModLi has helped to push modest dresses and tops into the fashion industry and is now known as the Etsy for the conservative girl. While religion was initial the main reason for modest clothing, ModLi wants to offer something for everybody, whatever reason they want to cover up.

There are dresses, tops, shirts, skirts, and even swimwear available in a more modest look. These items come in all sizes, becoming inclusive to everyone in the country. There are also suitable options for preteens and children, making sure parents have a choice and preteens feel like they will fit in with more modest items of fashion.

Modest Fashion Just for the Season?

The big question is whether the modest tops and dresses trend is going to stick. Is this something just for the season or will it continues to grow and expand?

While Western designers originally created items that would appeal to Muslim women, there has certainly been a call from all religions (and non-religious people). This isn’t just a short-term fashion trend, but something that women have asked for over the years. Designers are now getting on board to create modest attire for the average woman.

The trend has been on the rise for a few years. It started with maxi dresses and skirts and has now continued in tops, sportswear, and more.

It is certainly the next big thing, but not just for the season. Modest fashion is something that will continue to grow, as more people search for conservative, comfortable, but beautiful attire for all their needs. While there is a call from the people, the brands will answer to prove they are inclusive.

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