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Let your Lover know that you are thinking about him with the love quotes

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Men sometime are not that romantic creatures, however, you can still send some romantic quotes for him.  Even if you may think that you are too cool for the mushy talk, you will not be too cool when it comes to tell him that your heart only beats because of him.  Now that you read the following quotes, you will be inspired to send him love quotes and you will be able to find the creative way that you can use in saying I love you.  You can send the romantic quotes flirty notes, handmade cards, funny tweets, Facebook and email.  You have many options as far as you want to make your man got weak on the knees.

  • Tell him that that the best moment you have spend it with him and that the best will still come
  • Even if it is said that love has not boundaries, the love I have for you had created the boundaries into your heart and now there is no else who will come into it.
  • In case you would have been a cheese, then I would be the mouse and I will nibble on you slowly, in case you were milk, then you I could be a cat and I can sip on you slowly, in case you were mouse, I should be the cat and I can devour on you piece after piece.
  • The love I have towards you is really and it makes me to want to do some unreal things such as climbing on the rain bow or jumping over the clouds
  • The love you have for me is sweeter compared to the chocolate, it is intoxicating compared to the wine and it feels warmer compared to the fireplace during winter. In summary, the love you have for me is magical
  • I love you are normally three words which do not have any meaning, but until I am the one saying them to you or you are saying them to be.
  • I want to let you know that I want to be with only you. I would choose to cry together with you instead of laughing with another person. This is because even crying when I am with you can make me happier
  • When you will walk with me in this life, then I will be having everything I need to make the journey
  • Even if I am not your fist love, kiss or date, I wish to be the last for everything
  • When I saw your for the first time, my soul said, this is where you are, I have searched for you all over
  • I can be indecisive when it comes to pick favorite  things, however, with you, you are always my favorite for everything
  • Thank you, love since you make me feel as if I am most beautiful woman in this world
  • Thank God because someone threw me and you were able to pick up and to love me.

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