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A guide to help you buy age-specific flower girl dresses

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Here’s a guide that you can refer to when you are in the process of buying flower girl dresses. The flower girl, who is an integral part of your wedding, may be from any age group. Here, we tell you how to select the best dress for each age group. When you select the apt dress as per the little one’s age, you can ensure that your flower girl will be perfectly dressed for the big occasion.

Infants as flower girls

Yes, you can have the tiniest of tots under 18 months of age as a flower girl! You can dress her up in a white flower girl frock with a bow to highlight that cuteness. The toddler can be carried by a parent and even seated in a decorated wagon, which can be drawn by an older child.

2 to 3 year old girls

You may find a flower girl who is 2 or 3 years old. A child of this age can be led by a parent or older child and helped to do her job strewing flowers. A colorful flower girl dress that is pink with floral designs and a bow or a blue dress with ribbons would look great on the little one. You can also consider a gold flower dress.

3 to 5 year old girls

A girl 3 to 5-year-old would be able to walk down the aisle herself and would love doing the flower girl duty, with a little adult supervision. An ivory frock with ribbons or a navy colored skirt with flower designs or a dress with a sash can be considered for this little angel. A floral hair band would make this dress the perfect selection

6 to 10 year old girls

This is the ideal age for a flower girl. A girl of this age would be sufficiently mature to understand her job role as a flower girl. She would also take it seriously and put in extra effort to be a success. There are many types of dress options that you could consider for a girl of this age.

A Burgundy Tulle dress with flowers on it would look great. You can consider the traditional white dress with multiple layers on it to help create a princess-like effect for your flower girl. An organza dress can be considered with a big white bow at the centre. This helps to create a contrasting effect and can make your flower girl stand out.

10+ year old girls

Girls above 10 can be considered as a junior bridesmaid. Consider a champagne flower girl dress or a long white gown for your junior bridesmaid.


This guide explains the various type of flower girl dresses you can select based on the age of the girl. Make sure the dress is appropriate for the age to ensure that the girl looks cute and best suited for the occasion. A flower girl over 10 years of age can be promoted as a junior bridesmaid.

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