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China Sunglass Manufacturers and Suppliers

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There are three manufacturing bases for sunglasses in China, they are (1) Wenzhou and Duqiao in Zhejiang Province (Mainly for low and medium quality). (2) Xiamen in Fujian Province (Mainly for medium and high quality). (3) Shenzhen in Guangdong Province (Mainly for high quality). With so many manufacturers to choose from, how can you identify those that are qualified and select the best one for you?

In the market, there are many sunglasses manufacturers serving the sunglasses retailers and wholesaler. Among them, Disoglasses is a world-class brand that manufactures and supplies high quality sunglasses China. With modernized production units, Disoglasses offer flexibility in the production process and quick delivery of China sunglasses. Disoglasses has grown into a global, value-added innovator and manufacturer of high quality sunglasses.

As a leading supplier of sunglasses in Metal, Plastic, Metal/Plastic and Acetate, Disoglasses has built its reputation by providing not only the constant high quality and value-added solution in the industry, but also providing a total commitment to customer satisfaction. It has always been their mission to be a true value-added manufacturer by providing services beyond value and quality to build strong and sustainable customer relationships.

At Disoglasses, they pride themselves on their extensive product knowledge and unparalleled customer support, allowing their customers the unique opportunity to increase and sustain business through personalized service, stable quality, product innovation, and integrated solutions. The brand’s emphasis on a complete customer experience has allowed them to become a reliable supplier of long-term business partner in China.

At the forefront of the industry, Disoglasses actively promote the Integrated Product Development Management system to create a market-oriented R&D and innovation system. Their engineers create so many new designs regularly. Whether you need classic sunglasses or fashionable sunglasses, you can always find them from Disoglasses.

Disoglasses is experienced in manufacturing products that comply with the applicable regulations in your home market. They have the basic capability to manufacture compliant products. A Quality Management System Certificate (i.e., ISO 9001:2015) or Production line audit report indicates that Disoglasses maintains a certain quality standard in their manufacturing process and product quality.

As a reputable manufacturer and supplier of China sunglasses, Disoglasses has its own MOQ requirements. Social Compliance Audit Reports indicate that Disoglasses treats its workers well. In general, the ability of any manufacturing company to supply the above documents assures a reputable and reliable, quality supplier.

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