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Exceptional varieties for the Perfect Massage

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Beyond the pleasure and relaxation it provides at the time, massage also has undisputed healing properties. Let yourself go.

There is instant pleasure, moment for yourself. Wellness massage or modeling is primarily a relaxing break for the body and mind. If the term of massage is reserved to the medical world, and in particular to the physiotherapists, the modeling practiced by the beauticians is a care which, without any therapeutic vocation, approaches it nevertheless. By unwinding all muscular tensions, it brings real physical relaxation which reduces stress. At the Strom massage Quebec you can find the perfect massage varieties.

For who?

  • For everyone.
  • Except for some specific contraindications (osteoarthritis or joint pain) incompatible with some types of massage.


The modeling is generally practiced with a vegetable oil rich in relaxing, tonic essential oils or with an exfoliating cream to eliminate dead skin. As part of a thalassotherapy, it can also be practiced with a gentle effusion of seawater. It generally lasts from half an hour to an hour and a half.


In addition to deep muscle relaxation, this treatment aims to stimulate blood circulation, thus promoting exchanges and detoxifying the tissues. It gives the skin softness and a silky appearance. The skin is very richly innervated, modeling it for a long time promotes the secretion of endorphins, molecules of pleasure that help evacuate stress and tension.


Ayurvedic massage: This Indian technique uses several methods and adapts them to the person. If it is rather nervous, the technique will be softer. The massage is practiced with sesame oil and sachets of medicinal plants that are rubbed and dabbed. The benefits: it rebalances the energies, detoxifies and relaxes.

Thai massage: If you are looking for softness, go your way! Muscle, joint and ligament stretches are very invigorating. It is generally practiced dressed (a kind of very fine cotton pajamas). The benefits: It is particularly effective for treating back pain, circulation problems, headaches, insomnia. Attention, because of its tone, it is not recommended for people who suffer from the back of the hips or osteoarthritis.

Shiatsu: Japanese-inspired technique, shiatsu works on body meridians as in acupuncture. The massage is done without oil, and can therefore be done dressed. The benefits: It provides relaxation but is also practiced in a preventive way to strengthen the immune system.

Californian massage: Born in California in the 1970s, this massage is the most sensual of all. Light touches and caresses supported all over the body, it is an enveloping massage. The benefits, it is THE well-being break, to be pampered and relax.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good massage? The stresses of life are enough. Sometimes what we want most is to get away and have some time just for ourselves. Massage turns out to be the number one option. What many do not know is the different types of massages that exist. Do not believe? Then read on and find out the types of massages that exist. Opt for the one that suits you.


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