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Fine Choices for the Protein Pill Usage and Discount Options

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They do not serve to replace what we eat but to make up for any shortcomings. Using these products also means having a clear training table and clear objectives in mind.

Freeze-dried, in pills or in bars of vegetable or animal derivation

In any case, proteins, often used by those who carry out sports and for sale both in pharmacies and in supermarkets, can bring various benefitsbut only if they are used wisely. Yes, because it is a well-known thing that many people, unaware of the consequences of incorrect use of these supplements, take them lightly and for long periods aiming only at the goals they have set themselves, namely weight loss or increased muscle mass. Now for the protein pills you can also opt for the iherb singapore codes now.

  • Instead of improvising nutritionists “do it yourself” you should, instead, reflect on the fact that a balanced diet is already rich in proteins and therefore there would not be this indispensable need to add others. Those who do sports at an amateur level, in the order of two to four times a week for a few hours each time, do not need to resort to protein supplements, but should limit themselves to following a diet that includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and salts minerals. This should provide everything he needs to ensure good sports results and a good physique.

Not to mention that the powdered proteins are able to cover only part of the daily requirement required by our body: they do not serve to replace the foods we eat but to supplement any deficiencies. Furthermore, resorting to these products means having in mind precisely what results you intend to achieve, planning exactly how much physical activity you intend to perform during the week.

The classic texts recommend an intake not exceeding 30 grams, preferably within 45 minutes of the end of the training. This period of intake called “anabolic window” would allow for better muscle recovery and an increase in musculature. The conditional is a must as new studies have shown that an assumption so close to training is not essential to promote muscle hypertrophy (i.e. an increase in muscle volume).  You can visit australia for the best discount now.

But it’s not just sportsmen who use protein supplements:

Even those who suffer from dietary deficiencies (perhaps because they are vegan), particular intestinal problems or simply because they want to lose weight (in fact reduce their sense of hunger) can find the product that is right for them his among the many on the market. In fact, there are proteins derived from soy, peas, rice or eggs. The choice is really wide. Each of them has different properties and can be used for various purposes. The milk proteins (serum and casein) for their different assimilation times are among those mainly used by sportsmen especially for the so-called recovery meal.

Doses are very important. Usually those who do not practice sports should take a quantity of proteins equal to 0.8 grams per kilo of their weight. While, in the case of those who do sports regularly, from 1.1 to 2.2 grams for each pound of body weight, above all drink a lot of water, something we should all do regardless of protein intake, so as not to make the kidneys too tired. To exaggerate and go further means incurring long-term damage to the kidneys and gastrointestinal problems, including swelling, cramps and indigestion.

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