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How To Be a Certified Classic Lash Technician

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How can you do you provide a service which keeps people coming back, turns clients into fans, and could even potentially launch or enhance your career?The response? You get educated by the best in the business, but not only that…You need hands-on practice on real models (otherwise how can you possibly go out on your own?) And you need personal attention in order to ask any question that comes up, whether related to lashes or only the company in general!

I am not going to sell you on the importance of becoming top-notch in your abilities, or the simple fact that the more solutions you may provide, the more clients you can get (And needless to say, that more customers means more money!). If you are here, you know because clients want, it’s a Vital Part of anyone in the beauty business.

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A person they could expect…

·         Somebody who gives them excellent results again and again…

·         Someone they can be proud to say they are customers of

·         And somebody who will make them feel amazing!

We provide North America’s top notch and favored Classic Lash Extension certification on behalf of Lashforever Canada and will be the most dependable training centre known by Insurance Firms (NOT every coaching is, and many won’t inform you if they aren’t!) .

Business Tip: It is extremely important to receive your certification from a reputable and respected training center as it will guarantee reduced insurance rates, more prospects and the capability to cultivate your business with confidence!

Foxy Face is currently Lashforever Canada GTA place for distribution and lash and brow enhancement training. We are located in downtown Orangeville, approximately 1.5 hours North West of Toronto, also have had countless students from all around Ontario train with us.

If you are interested in becoming a Classic Eyelash Extension technician but can not make the commute to the Lashforever Canada head office in downtown Toronto, then contact us!

Who’s this class for?

This is really for you IF:

·         You need start a career in the beauty business

·         You want to add an in-demand service to your own salon

·         Know the value of hands-on training and private training

·         Are Ready to make an investment in to yourself and your company to progress your career that will pay you back over and over again for Many Years to come

·         Are wanting to work with the best in the Business

This is NOT for you if:

·         You do not really care about the beauty business, or a career the beauty business

·         You do not want or want to offer your latest and best to your clients

·         You don’t need a brand new, recurring service such as Lash Extensions

·         You are Delighted with the knowledge you already have

·         You don’t see getting training that is proper for a career and business investment

What is the Complete Expert Lash Kit?

Each kit offers you a professional start to your career- servicing 20+ people and comprises the Lashforever Lash Collection.

How Can This Training Help My Company or My Career?

We’re proud to offer this course as it’s just one of the newest services/ enhancements in the industry. Building your abilities will build your clientele — supplying the latest desired service in the business will become a lucrative business.

The more services you can offer from the beauty industry — the more clients you will get and you will understand your earnings increase!

Finally, with the knowledge that you get in the course your clients will walk away with an awesome expertise and are more likely to refer their buddies to you! Business that is repetitive is also created by this ability- you may build a clientele that you are presently seeing once or twice per month.

Who are the trainers?

Our coaches are actively involved with the business doing the services (classes offered) every single day. We stay to offer you the best to our students and keep our education.

How many men and women are in a class?

We offer smaller class sizes — just a maximum of 4 students. Due to smaller group sizes we are able to help each student individually not only on the theory and practical however on their specific targets and needs. We assist with increasing your skill, but also how to utilize it to construct your company, you not only!

Why should I take this course, instead of a different one?

Although there are other classes out there that might help you create the skill itself, you also won’t receive the personal attention anywhere else, due to the extremely limited class size, the business advice or the chance to ask questions about getting and working with clientele. Our coaches therefore are available about not just how to create the skill itself, but to utilize it to improve your career and have been-there-done-that.

We are among the certifications are insurance businesses!

Are You Ready to Be Certified as a Lash Tech?

Eyelash Extensions are growing so now’s the time learn this technique that is in-demand in the very best school in the area and to get. Give your salon or begin your own business / spa enhancement support is lashed by a boost for this ever-popular!