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How to Make Your Point of Purchase Deliver More To the Store

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The point of purchase is an important section that ends the long marketing journey with client paying for the jewelry. While a lot has been done by your company through marketing and product designing, you can never consider the journey complete until the client makes a purchase. Here are some useful tips to help your jewelry store get more from the point of purchase.

Ensure to understand the target customer

Understanding your clients is the first step in crafting a highly effective PoP display. Here, you need to know the target clients’ demographics. Ensure to find out what the clients value most, their lifestyle, and how the product will impact their lifestyle. As said by, By understanding the target client, you can present the products in better and personalized way. This will create special connection between the user, store, and the piece of jewelry.

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Use the POP to tell a story

Everybody wants to hear a great story. Well, this is an art that should be carefully put to use at the Point-of-purchase. Here, you need to think about great stories that are interesting to the target audience and tell them in a way that they will not forget. The display should communicate a specific theme depending on the target client. It is important to carefully match the captured story with the respective product’s narrative. Once you manage to send a feel-good impression, the client will always remember the store and commit to coming back.

Target the key areas of the product differentiation

To make your point of purchase really great, it should help a shopper narrow down to the main points on a product in relation to others in the market. Here, you should work on bringing out the strong points of a product that make users want to associate with it more. For example a store owner can demonstrate qualities of a watch such as water resistance, a longer battery life, and scratch resistant casing. The client needs to feel that he is taking home the highest possible value that the item can offer.